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Our Company

Adios Software Solutions  is leading HR Company with a specialized focus in the Information Technology and IT Enabled Services.

Since inception we have the experience and expertise in handling the entire gamut of recruitment services.

Adios professionals work as one firm allover teaming with our clients to deliver innovative manpower solutions that help clients achieve their goals .The firm brings to bear the creativity, experience and knowledge of minds that understand the evolving needs of client’s Businesses.

Why? We get results
  • Large Talent Pool

  • We enable you to hire the people that you want

  • Utilizing our Services can actually save your Time and Money

  • Speed & Volumes

Large Talent Pool
  • We actively recruit candidates for your specific opportunity, presenting candidates you would otherwise never know of.

  • We maintain an extensive database of competent candidates from which to draw

  • We are in regular contact with our candidates

  • We have established a solid and respected reputation with candidates, so they stay in touch with us, keeping us informed as to their interests and availability.

  • We spend time with candidates to learn about their goals and aspirations

We enable you to hire the people that you want
  • We actively promote your company over your competitors, enhancing your image and appeal.

  • We actively promote challenges & growth.

  • The database is extensively automated to enable advanced skill matching.

  • We provide you specific information regarding what is of interest to a specific candidate, enabling you to have your offer accepted

  • We provide you with capable and qualified people, compatible with your technical and cultural environment.

Utilizing our Services can actually save your Time and Money
  • Mostly the requirements do not need to be advertised , saving you money spent in advertising

  • Time spent on resumes that we provide to our clients confirm to a standard format, which clients have found to informative and comprehensive

  • We can identify and set up the best candidates at 10days notice in the city of your choice across the country

Speed & Volumes
  • We are able to move quickly , quite often filling a position within 1 – 2 weeks

  • Quite often the time span between one of these candidates coming into the market and disappearing from the market can be counted in days not weeks. Both the client and Source Key  need to move fast in such situations.

  • We have the volume and capacity to accommodate any situation

  • We are a multi-person, multi-location organization and can handle multiple positions of varying levels and volumes.

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